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About the Friends

What We Do

We are an all-volunteer 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, supported by the generosity of local residents, and founded to plant and care for public trees in Manchester-by-the-Sea.  We advocate for the restoration and maintenance of a healthy and beautiful tree canopy that brings beauty and environmental benefits to our public parks, cemeteries, and streetscapes.

Conifers, such as White Pines, enhance the winter landscape, while continuing to photosynthesize and absorb pollutants, when deciduous trees are leafless.
Line Drawing Elm on Union St. Image.jpg
Historical drawing of an American Elm
on Central Street, next to the Trask House.

Our History

We were founded in 1973 by five visionary residents, Reverend Henry P. King, Josephine Harris, William Hatcher, George Rice, and Polly Townsend, who were dismayed to witness the devastating loss of Manchester's magnificent American Elms along our main streets. Funds were initially raised to treat the remaining Elms and to start planning for re-planting.  Fifty years later, the Friends have planted over 1,000 new trees and we are currently the Town's primary source for funding and advocating for new trees in town.

Join the Cause

We welcome every resident to join, contribute, volunteer, or simply learn about why trees are so important and beneficial to our environment and well-being.  From health benefits and climate change mitigation to storm water management and just plain awesome beauty, our trees need your support and care.

Tree Hugger
Love those trees!
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