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April 2024

Featured Plantings

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Winthrop Field Receives Two Shade Trees

Kousa Dogwood
Cornus Kousa

This Kousa Dogwood can be found on the edge of Winthrop Field, east of 131 Bridge.


Horizontal branching;
rounded; exfoliating bark


15' - 25 H X 25' W


Not a Native Species 

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Moderate Salt Tolerance


Flowers with distinctive white bracts bloom May to June


Fall color of purple/scarlet

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Cladatris Kentuckea

This Yellow-wood can be found on the edge of Winthrop Field, west of stream running under Bridge Street.


Shiny, dark leaves make for excellent foliage; Yellow fall foliage


30' - 50' H X40' W


Native Species 


Winthrop yellowwood color_0.33x.jpg

Salt Tolerant


Panicles of 1.25" white, slightly fragrrant flowers bloom from May to June.


Wide; broadly spreading, sometimes multi-trucked

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Red Oak
Quercus rubra

Memorial School will receive a new Red Oak on
Arbor Day, April 26, 2024.

Each year Friends of Manchester Trees plant a new tree on Arbor Day with the Fifth Grade class. Our Tree Warden, Tom Henderson, demonstrates the right way to plant a seedling. The students get hand-on participation and learn how to identify a few trees as well as why trees are so important.
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White Oak 1200 x 630x2.jpg

White Oak
Quercus alba

April 2024, Rosedale Cemetery Extension received a new White Oak. This planting is part of our Cemetery Preservation Program.

FOMT coordinate with our friends at the Department of Public Works to identify ideal locations for new plantings in both Pleasant Grove and Rosedale Cemeteries.

American Elm leaf.jpg

American Elm
Ulmus americana

A Residential Shade Tree was planted on Vine Street.

American Elm 1200 x 630.jpg
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Crab Apple

A new Crab Apple Tree was planted on the west side of Reed Park. This tree is a great example of our Residential Shade Tree Program

FOMT coordinate with our friends at Parks and Recreation to identify ideal locations for new plantings.

Dawn Redwood

Rosedale Cemetery received two Dawn Redwoods which is in keeping with our commitment to preserve and beautify our cemeteries.

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