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Welcome the Shade on Your Street

Patti with Kousa.jpg

Patti Mitchell, a long-time FOMT member, poses in front of her Kousa Dogwood, planted years  ago as part of the Neighborhood Shade Tree program.

Neighborhood Shade Trees

Beautifying our Streets

Since our founding, the Friends of Manchester Trees has partnered with citizens to plant shade trees on public streets or on private property within twenty feet of the street. Today, the Neighborhood Shade Tree Planting Program provides the Town and residents an opportunity to expand the diversity of tree species in our public realm by planting trees in situations with optimal growing conditions and the benefit from stewardship by homeowners. 

How it Works

Participants in the Neighborhood Shade Tree Planting Program work with the Friends of Manchester Trees, in cooperation with the Tree Warden, to select, plant and maintain street trees planted on either public property or on private property within 20 feet of the public right of way. Trees in the program must be completely visible from the public sidewalk or right-of-way. 


Elaine Champagne awaits the arrival of the FOMT team to plant her NEW Kousa Dogwood sapling.

If you are interested in participating, please contact us and let us know the address for the new Neighborhood Shade Tree.


The Tree Warden and/or a member of the Friends of Trees will contact you to help you select a tree that will be well suited to the environmental conditions of your property.  Each year, the planting schedule is dependent on seasonal conditions, crew schedule, utility conflicts, and tree species availability.  We use a fully insured, experienced tree planting vendor to plant and mulch the tree. Click on the links below to learn how to care for your new tree and to choose from our list of recommended species.

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