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Friends of Manchester Trees

To provide support for the planting, preservation, and care of trees in the Town of Manchester-by-the-Sea.


The Friends...

  • Provide funding for the planting of new Town trees.

  • Encourage and foster the planting, preservation, care, and maintenance of trees and shrubs in the parks and public lands in the Town of Manchester.

  • Advocate respect for the aesthetic, ecological, and horticultural value of trees for the benefit of every resident.

  • Provide input to the Town regarding decisions for removal of dead or diseased trees.

  • Research, assess, and communicate timely information  for the care and preservation of trees in cooperation with Town leadership and residents' interests.

  • Collect and disseminate timely information to appropriate public officials and concerned citizens regarding their care and preservation.

Discover the many programs we undertake to support our mission. 

Join your neighbors in the Manchester community to ensure the health of our trees and natural beauty of our town.

Pink Blossom
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