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Welcome the Shade on Your Street


Neighborhood Shade Trees

Participants in the Neighborhood Shade Tree Planting Program work with the Friends of Manchester Trees, in cooperation with the Tree Warden, to select, plant and maintain street trees planted on either public property or on private property within 20 feet of the public right of way. Trees in the program must be completely visible from the public sidewalk or right-of-way. Enhance your property value while providing street shade as temperatures rise with climate change. Learn more about the many benefits of trees

If you are interested in participating, please let us know by submitting a Neighborhood Shade Tree Request Form.

Tree plantings take place each year in April which is ideal for the health of the tree. We take tree requests all year and are always interest to learn of locations that need trees.

We also offer Commemorative Trees for that special person.

If you would like help selecting a tree for your own property, please refer to our Recommended Tree List below.  FOMT updates this list throughout the year. We eliminate trees that are prone to disease. Unfortunately, Ash, Beech and Elm trees have been removed from our recommended tree list.

Please consider a annual FOMT Membership for just $25; become a member and get involved. Did you know that FOMT has been around for 50 years and planted over 1,000 trees in Manchester. Essentially all of the downtown trees were planted by FOMT.  Who doesn't love trees?

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Neighborhood Shade Tree - Request Form

Thanks for submitting your Shade Tree Request!

Friends of Manchester Trees will be in touch soon.

Resi_Kousa_16 Highwood_M Gubbins_2024.jpg
April 16, 2024, Martha Gubbins received her Neighborhood Shade Tree. She chose a lovely Kousa Dogwood. 
Patti with Kousa.jpg
Patti Mitchell, a long-time FOMT member, poses in front of her Kousa Dogwood, planted years  ago as part of the Neighborhood Shade Tree program.
Elaine Champagne awaits the arrival of the FOMT team to plant her NEW Kousa Dogwood sapling.
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