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Renewing Rosedale Cemetery

Community Preservation Grant for Rosedale Cemetery

In 2023, Friends of Manchester Trees was awarded a 2-year grant from the Community Preservation Committee to prune mature trees and plant new ones in Rosedale and Rosedale Extension Cemeteries.  These cemeteries are significant to the culture and beauty of Manchester for their history, architecture, and natural beauty.  The trees require ongoing preservation,  protection, and replacement, all part of the Friends' mission.

We will be working closely with the DPW and the Tree Warden to prune and protect a number of historic trees and to plant approximately twenty new trees in 2023 and 2024.  These include London Plane, Dawn Redwood, American Elm, and Weeping Cherry.  

The photo to the right is of a magnificent Sugar Maple that will receive some critical pruning to keep it healthy for many years to come.
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