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Manchester Town Tree Policy

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Massachusetts Shade Tree Law and Manchester Tree Policy

Protecting Our Valuable Trees

Trees contribute to the health and well-being of our residents and wildlife. Trees enhance Manchester's beauty and improve air quality and climate by providing shade, producing oxygen, and sequestering carbon.


We are fortunate in Massachusetts to have a long history of protecting community trees. Since 1913, the Massachusetts Shade Tree Law (known as Chapter 87) has given tree wardens effective tools to protect our valuable public trees so that we can all benefit from a healthy, vibrant tree canopy in our town.  Recently, the Town of Manchester adopted our own Town Tree Policy that augments Chapter 87.

What You and Your Arborist Need to Know

  • All trees within a public way or on the boundaries thereof are Public Shade Trees.

  • All trees in a public park or other place controlled by the Town are Town Trees.

  • Any tree that measures more than 32 inches in diameter or has a documented historical significance is a Heritage Tree.

All of these types of trees are protected by either Massachusetts Law or Manchester's Town Tree Policy and come under the jurisdiction of the Tree Warden.  If you have any questions regarding these policies, please be sure to contact the Department of Public Works.


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